Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sydney 1991.

THE MEETING: Nervous and excited, mum and I head to a meeting late one evening in the city to see Stuart Cameron from Chadwicks modelling agency, Sydney.
Sitting in the foyer is the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was everything you could imagine a model to be, I couldn't believe this was happening,that girls like her exsisted and that potentially something really cool was happening to me..... I follow the perfect looking girl with the dazzling smile up to meet Stuart. As I sit nervously in a dark chair in the corner out comes another goddess...Tall, slim, blonde haired, blue eyed beauty...  It is here that I meet my future modelling buddy and for a couple of years to follow "my partner in crime."

After what I guess was a successful meeting, Mum and I still weren't too sure what was going on. I was asked to come to Sydney the following School holidays. Now, you'd think I would be chomping at the bit right here! AHHHH ...No.... I had arranged with one of my best girlfriends from school to go on a skiing holiday and I couldn't miss that for the world...Stuart smiled and suggested politely to my mother,  
" Maybe, next school holidays Macushla will be ready? " 

....The following school holidays we set off to Sydney for the week. It rained the whole time we were there, I did spend most of the time shopping or sitting around the hotel, eventually another photo shoot was arranged just to make sure I had "IT"......

                                        Test images by Tim Robbins Sydney, Christmas 1991

.........It was decided I did in-fact have "IT", So from there on, I was not only managed by JDW, but Elle Macphersons' agent in Sydney!!!!

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