Thursday, July 7, 2011

First paid gig.

Sunday Mail Style section 1992

There are alot of "first times" in this business. The first paid gig, the first time photographed cozying up with another girl. First time wearing dangerously high-cut swimsuit.  First TVcommercial, first time wearing red tights, cowboy boots and tartan skirt (and it wont be the last). First casting were a male model strips off completely in-front of me.... And of course the first taste of unwanted attention from the tough chicks on the bus, the skin heads in town and the odd styling tip from the totally unstylish home economics teacher.

Numerous 1st times and its only the beginning of 1992. 
My final school year.

1st. TVC "Warehouse for Fashion"


    I'm pretty sure there was very little "bottom" in this one piece to start with...
                                                                1st. essential styling tip
                                                                The BULLDOG CLIP!

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