Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freaky dilemma of a teen cover girl.

In the midst of sorting out dating issues in Girlfriend magazine, modeling scarves for Amway catalogues and moving into my cousins house in Coogee Beach, I end up in hospital.

Early the morning of shooting my very first magazine cover, I awake a little before 5 am with a slightly swollen face. Within an hour my entire top lip has swollen, reaching to in-front of my nose. A massive cyst is sitting boldly and shinning brightly, right on top of my lip. ..... OH MY GOD!!.

Totally freaking out and a little frightened, I call my agent, waking her in between my sobs of, "there's... something..... wrong with my..... face..... I.. cant do.. the shoot." 

"What ! What do mean there's something wrong with your face ?"

It didn't take too long to convince her I was looking pretty bad, I think she could tell by the urgency in  my voice that this was quite serious.

Immediately I call my mum, we organise a flight directly home, in these circumstances home is exactly where I want to be.  I high-tail it on the next flight out of Sydney. By the time I have met my mother at the arrivals lounge in Brisbane airport, the "entity" has grown double in size! .... Its hideous, A group of traveling football players almost hurl, when my mother pulls my hands away from my face and they catch a glimpse of the first prized pustule sitting on top of my big fat lip.

"Thats it" mum grimaces " we are going straight to the hospital". I don't remember much between getting to hospital and being admitted, only the never ending trail of nurses and doctors coming in to see, the "Elephant cover girl."

Eventually I am told I had developed a golden staf infection.....ahhh what?.......
  How did this happen you ask??

I pooped a zit in that exact spot 2 weeks before!!and I still have the scar to prove it.

Never, I repeat NEVER pop a pimple in the T zone on your face Ladies and Gents, it could cost you the cover of a teen magazine. True story.


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