Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Work It ! Work it!"

This wasn't the first time I had shot for Amway.
As a regular client the shoots meant big pay cheques.

My memories of the first shoot I did for Amway are very funny indeed.  I was  young and naive,
I had just moved from my home town too Sydney, "my eyes were opening to the big world"... as they say.

 On location on a back street in Surrey Hills, near Kings Cross we we're shooting a selection of beautiful scarves, myself and the crew were working on one corner . On the other corner was a suitably dolled up  gentlemen who appeared to be "working it" just as hard.

It's funny to think back,  in my shock, I couldn't help but marvel at his stream of clients driving by and stopping around the corner  and was it possible that in that hour, he may have just made more money then me?.

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