Monday, December 5, 2011

The Ghost Who Walks.


Whilst shooting for a fashion catalogue I received the news.
I was stuck on a remote island off the coast of Bali. At approximately 4 am I answered the phone it was mum.
My brother had passed away in his sleep.
I spent the morning trying to get flights out, it wasn't possible I had to wait 2 days. My roommate was distraught at this news, as I comforted her I prepared myself to write his eulogy.

It was a dream shoot, a glorious week of sunrise and sunset locations, meeting and bartering with the locals and visiting villages throughout the Island. Nothing was more vivid than this moment.
That morning I took myself down to the beach front where they had stored all their beautiful hand made and painted fishing boats, I sat and wrote my fondest memories of our friendship and his impact on my  life. A young local boy came and sat with me, as I cried he sang and as he sang I wrote.

I never received the images from the shoot in Bali, I didn't even think to ask for them. However I did have token images I had taken of myself and the crew. I have kept them for my personal records.

The images here were taken on a go-see when I had returned from Paddy's funeral.
Photographer unknown, as were the weeks that followed.


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