Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I was sent on modeling assignments and castings in Milan for a couple of weeks. I spent days pounding the pavements with 100's of other young models, drinking espresso coffees, smoking cigarettes and trying desperately to loose more weight . I didn't eat much in those days, nobody did, the competition was fierce, the skinnier and the taller, the better.
My first casting was for a calk-walk show for designer Roberto Cavalli.
In between castings I made friends with a couple of Brazilian models, we spent most of our free time  doing sit-ups and working out in our rooms. 
One of the girls I got along with really well,  she was alot younger then me and her mum was around, so we would sneak out and go drinking and dancing in the evenings.  Milan in the late 90's had to be the most over saturated market of models I had ever experienced.  I was happy to get out of there and back to London.

© photographer Tony ( cant remember his last name) from Milan

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