Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PLAYBOY editorial.

I was cast for a Greek 'Playboy' fashion editorial........ clothes on.
The male model was professional and little dorky, in-fact I think he may have been a  little younger then me, the photographer and his assistant on the other hand, were very cheeky boys.

Working in Greece was grueling but my eye opener to other cities and cultures of the world.
During the days I worked hard and contstantly, I took one day off during my 3 month stint in Greece and was pretty much in trouble  from my agent for missing appointments.but is was the night life that kept me going.
 Athens city made me constantly charged, always up for some-where to go after a days work, the clubs and restaurants were open and free to us and I took full advantage of their hospitality.

Tony's Pension was home to the international models that came into town for that season. There was another pension that housed models and we had kind of rivalry going on at castings.
At 7.00pm every night cars collected who ever was up for a night out , we would be taken to the chosen restaurant or bar for the evening, everything was "free of charge" at some venues including our taxi fares home.
It was a clever way to get patrons into the venue when you had a room full of beautiful boys and girls of all nationalities partying it up.

On my stay in Greece I meet guys and girls from almost every European nation  as well as some girls from South Africa and America. I hung out with a couple of funny guys and girls from Israel and Spain we would debate for hours over the best bands and music at the time. The Russian models were gorgeous and very competitive as were the British models. I also met a girl escaping Romania, She was one of the sexiest women I had ever seen. And my roommate was French Canadian, completely nuts but good company. It was an exciting way to emerce ones self into an international hot pot of people,  I appreciated learning about the differences in all our cultures, but ultimately we were all so much the same, around the same age and wanting the same things for and from the rest of the world.

Isn't it funny how one could become enlightened in a Greek hotel full of good looking people.

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