Thursday, September 1, 2011

Never Known a Girl Like You Before.

Edwyn Collins churgles and drones in the soundtrack to the Sportsgirl TVC. I don't think I ever received a copy of the commercial and I can't find it on youtube, however, if you remember the song and the advert, you would have seen me walking out of an office building repeatedly in a number of different outfits for each day of the week, a cute guy sends me a message via email ...

"I've never seen a girl like you before..."

When my booker phoned to let me know I had landed this gig I screamed so loudly,  I think I may have burst her ear drum....
I was very proud of this achievement and I still have the 8' in-store posters in storage. 

Sportsgirl campaign.


  1. Hey Cush! Love it! Just an aside though - think it was Edwyn Collins who did Never known a Girl Like You rather than the Magnificent Iggy :)

  2. WILL- your right ! my mistake it was Edwyn Collins, thanks for letting me know. XC