Friday, July 29, 2011

The Usual Suspects.

In this industry you meet and work with alot of different people, its a life of the fleeting one day friendships and crushers. There is a geat amount of security in a regular client.

Brian Rochford

Fortunately for me, over a span of a few of years, I had three regular clients. The first of these was the coverted campaign, catalogues and in store posters for Brian Rochford. Originally made famous by super babes Tanya Bird and Alison Brae. I was very proud of this achievement. 

 Bras and Things

 Each month I would show up in peoples letter-boxes around the country selling knickers and nighties.

Women's Day

If you had visited any doctors surgery's in the mid ninties then you have seen me in the pages of Womens' s Day. My most constant client,  I may have been a little embarrassed about this, however looking back now with complete fondness.

 I was lucky to have fashion editor Marie Usher as one of my regular friends/clients. She was a very stylish and intelligent women who gave me lots of good advice. Each shoot day I was tranformed into a different character, we were playing dress ups. I  enjoyed working with Marie and photographer Tim Robbins, these were big shoot days and I would always go home with a smile on my face. Years later when my personal life started effecting my work, Marie was one of the only people who saw through my bravado and could empathize with me. (but that's a story for later)

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